Why Do You Give? Interview of Tina Parker. By: Ramsey Parker


Person interviewed: Tina Parker

What do you do for a living?

I work in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry.

What are you thankful for?

I am most thankful for God’s grace! My children, my husband, my home and my job are additional things that create immense feelings of thankfulness in my heart.

Who do you give to and why do you give?

I give to many things:

· The American Heart Association – to further research and assistance for all individuals affected by heart issues. My father died of a heart attack when I was a teenager and I found comfort and healing in assisting this organization.

· The March of Dimes – the efforts in research by this organization allowed for significant and life saving treatments to be established for premature infants. As a mother of premature triplets, my children are alive because of the March of Dimes. I have given money and time to this organization to ensure their efforts continue.

· My children’s sports teams – I believe involvement in sports programs teaches work ethic, teamwork and many other important life lessons. I have committed to helping with all administrative aspects of my children’s teams from fundraising to team management to help further their experiences and the experience’s of other youth, in whatever way possible.

· My church – the work of my church is amazing. Tithing aids our church with their programs and initiatives to further the Kingdom of God in our community and other areas.

What’s your favorite part about giving?

It makes my heart happy to give to others because of how much I have been given in life. It does not matter whether it is with my time or money, I feel an indescribable internal happiness when I am able to give to others or help others. Hearing others excitement or expressions of happiness provide an emotional paycheck in my heart.

Why do you support SAVE and what do you think makes SAVE different than other nonprofits?

I support SAVE because it is important to my daughter and her fellow board members. The unique nature of their work allows them to honor God, help less fortunate and learn about leading others to give more. The mission of SAVE and the involvement of young people is inspiring. The difference between SAVE and many other nonprofits is that they build leaders within their organization to continue their good work.


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