Transfer Kindness By: Mary Grace Bouldin Giving Tuesday Post #4


Every morning, I- and students everywhere just like me- wake up to a six A.M. alarm. We drag ourselves through the shower and up to the kitchen table. We are given breakfast. We race to school. We saunter through seven classes. We are given an education. We groan and complain. We get ready for practices. We are given coaching. We cut up with friends. We put off homework. We make our way back to our houses. We are given homes. We are given safety. We are given love.

The Law of Conservation of Energy, as I’m sure you vaguely grasp, explains that all of the energy in the universe has never been and will never be created, it will never be destroyed, it will only be converted from one form to another. It sounds as if every transfer of energy has nearly no effects of change on the universe’s constancy as a whole. However, on the contrary, ever transfer of energy does make its mark. Every transfer increases the universe’s entropy, or level of disorder, which, to make a long definition short, is the opposite state of equilibrium. In a time when time didn’t exist and the universe was an unfathomably new existence of nothingness, there was equilibrium. There were no transfers. No disorder. There was nothing. The moment the sun first shone and the light became heat, the universe began its journey to disorder. The entropy grew and grew with each potential to kinetic, each mechanical to heat.

Why, you ask, am I being given a science lesson on this fine Thanksgiving break? What does it have anything to do with giving? Well, I have reason to believe that people, that is every person, is subject to a different kind of transference of energy in addition to physics. I have reason to believe that the universe gained upon its birth not only one perpetual record of entropy but two. This other energy can be transferred from one person to another and in many different forms- an energy of kindness, an energy of coldness, an energy of love, an energy of hate. Each transfer increases the universe’s level of this different kind of entropy, the difference being that by result, our transfers of energy can cause the universe to either fall to levels of disorder or rise to new levels of order- a beautiful state of universal order.

Let’s look back. When I woke up this morning and my mother gave me breakfast, my mother transferred energy to me. When I went to school and my teachers gave me an education, my teachers transferred energy to me. When I went to practice and my coaches coached me, my coaches transferred energy to me. When I returned home and my family showed me unconditional love, my family transferred energy to me. At the end of the day, where has all of this energy gone? Has it continued on to others? How? By more transfers of kindness or love? Or by transfers of coldness or hate? Or has it even sat idly within me, without being continued? Am I ending my day having contributed to the universe’s level of order or disorder?

When you think about it, us humans, we’re not what this universe was created to sustain. We are the superiors to all living things on this universe. We are the beings created in the likeness of the Creator. But in the grand scheme of things we are only instruments in the universe’s rising levels of entropy. A state of order, that is what the universe is really meant to sustain. This is an entropy’s world, and we are only living in it. We take. We give. We transfer. We learn. We are used by energy to come and go amongst us, all in its efforts to reach order.

Everyday we make choices. Am I going to end this day leaving the universe in more order or disorder than when I woke? And you? What are you going to do? Are you going to transfer energies of kindness and love? Are you going to give to someone today?

Today’s blog post is one of a series promoting S.A.V.E.’s #Where’sThePotty Campaign. Learn more about our efforts in the sanitation of Boukeron, Haiti, and join us in the giving on this #GivingTuesday to make our plans a reality. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless.


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